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🗓 Monthly Snapshot: June 2021

Note: This update was posted in July 2021.

How well did I track against my goals this month?

I plan to write a post at the end of each month that tracks my health and progress towards goals. These cover the following main categories:

  1. FI (Financial Independence) Contributions

  2. Monthly Discretionary Spending Budget

  3. Monthly Flows Breakdown

  4. Self-Care

Check out my annual goals for 2021 and a detailed overview of how I think about my monthly tracking in my January 2021 Monthly Snapshot. Alright, let's dig in!

1. FI Contributions

By the end of the month,

  • Roth IRA: Completed YTD goal --> 100% Complete! I maxed out my 2021 Roth IRA contribution limit in February 2021.

  • Pre-Tax 401k: YTD goal --> 100% Complete! Devoting my entire paycheck allowed me to max out early.

  • After-Tax 401k: YTD goal: On-Track --> 100% Complete! Devoting my entire paycheck allowed me to max out early.

  • Emergency Fund: ⛔️ YTD goal: Delayed. My Emergency Fund has been paused.

  • FI Investment:YTD goal: On-Track.

Overall, my June 2021 FI Contribution goals were ✅ On-Track (4/5 goals). June is 6/12 = 50% into the year, and I am 69% of the way towards meeting my annual goals.

2. Monthly Discretionary Spending

At the outset of the year, my annual goal allowed for $20K in discretionary spending, split about equally between food and other spending. A few things have changed: I am starting to take a larger share of joint expenses and will be the single/primary earner for my household in a few months. Here's the full breakdown of spending this month, according to Mint.

- The "Travel" category here accounts for expenses towards our getaway property and actual travel expenses. We are planning an international trip at the end of August!

- "Gifts & Donations" mostly comprise of family gifts.

- June is Amazon Prime Day! The "Shopping" category includes a few bonus purchases that were on sale, including a robot vacuum for the home and a Kindle.

Overall, I think this was a reasonable spending month. Money was spent, most of which on experiences and people we care about. Next month, I anticipate the Shopping category to go down.

3. Monthly Flows Breakdown

This section breaks down all the money coming out of my checking account for the month. It may not match up all the way with money in any of the previous sections, since I sometimes pay the entire previous month's credit card bill and/or pre-pay my credit card to reduce the ultimate monthly balance.

- A huge chunk of money went into investments this month, which is awesome.

- The "Spending" category is a lot lower relative to what was actually spent, because some of our expenses went on a 0% credit card.

4. Self-Care

June was another busy month! I maintained the early morning sleep schedule, and also introduced some quick-spurt daily exercises into my routine. On average, I probably worked out 3-4x/week for about 15 minutes. A lot of free time was spent with family, and to be honest, I didn't have enough personal time and burnt out by the end of the month.

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